, Oct 2018

A head of shiny hair is the very first step to looking your best. But as age catches up with you, hair loss, thinning and structural weakening start to rear their ugly heads. If you are suffering from these trichological – hair and scalp-related – issues, there may be hope on the horizon thanks to a series of innovative and cutting-edge technological treatments from Zeva Hair Spa.

Zeva Hair Spa, which recently opened its flagship store at Causeway Bay’s Lee Garden 6, specialises in helping both male and female clients rejuvenate their hair follicles and scalp to foster healthy hair regrowth. Brenda, the centre’s charming owner, personally swears by the success of these treatments, several of which she has imported specifically for Zeva’s discerning guests.

Zeva’s approach is two-fold, with the less-intensive focused on easy-to-maintain long-term hair care using natural, chemical-free products such as Korea’s renowned ECOREVI line – of which Zeva is the exclusive purveyor in Hong Kong. Utilising the most restorative of properties from plants and mineral essences drawn from Mother Nature herself, they’re purported to cure everything from dandruff to damaged scalp or even just dry hair.

The second of its two-pronged approach is more in-depth, focusing on consistent, recurring tricological problems like balding and receding hairlines. Any such treatment plan first begins with a personalised hair and scalp examination by a trained tricologist.

All scalp treatments at Zeva Hair Spa start with an in-depth examination

Once any problem areas and issues have been diagnosed, the high-tech treatments, ranging from scalp magnetotherapy and chemical residue cleansing to full-on anti-balding hair regeneration, can begin. Even those with no major issues can opt to try the Jet Peel + Serum + Oxyjet (HK$1,300), a scalp peel, revitalising serum and oxygen-injection treatment guaranteed to moisturise and rejuvenate your scalp and roots.

An innovative Oxyjet machine injects oxygen and stimulates hair regrowth in your scalp

Aside from trichological treatments, Zeva Hair Spa also boasts a full-fledged salon section with a dedicated team of stylists keen to help fulfil your every hairstyling need, be it colouring, cutting, straightening or more. Book your own scalp and hair examination or treatment now.




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