About Us

About Us

Wonder how to keep your hair young, healthy and lustrous? Zeva Hair Spa is your one stop shop answer.

Empowered by Knowledge, Supported by Science
Zeva is a Hebrew word and it denotes a plethora of joy, spirit, adventurousness and the aspiration of helping others. We are at the forefront of hair and scalp care and our mission is to bring the best and latest hair and scalp care technology and treatments from around the world to you. Our hair spa regime combines the best of knowledge and technology available, underpinned by the latest research from the fields of medical studies, trichology, nutrition, pharmacology and health science.

Bespoke Hair Spa Treatments Just for You
Here are the 3 steps to get you started on your hair wellness journey:
First, book your first consultation and our certified trichologists will assess your needs and develop an understanding of your problems 

Second, we will develop a holistic treatment plan based on your exact needs; and  

Third, your treatments will be delivered and monitored by our experienced staff over time to track and measure your progress

Your Hair Wellness Journey Partner
It can be tough to identify the exact cause and appropriate treatment for any scalp problems you may be experiencing. We know our customers and understand what you need. Trusted by our beloved customers, Zeva is here to provide our discerning customers with bespoke treatment plans that give positive results.

At Zeva, we want you to feel and be your best. Here’s to love, wellness and great hair.

想知道如何保持頭髮年輕、健康和有光澤嗎?Zeva Hair Spa可以爲你提供改善方案。

Zeva起源於希伯來語,寓意為充滿精神,歡樂和冒險,並為世界做有意義的事。Hair Spa是香港的一個新概念,我們希望為你帶來最好的頭髮和頭皮護理。

打造健康秀髮的秘訣在於健康的頭皮。Zeva Hair Spa採用全面的方案爲你護理頭髮和頭皮,讓你重新擁有健康秀髮與頭皮。我們提供專業及廣泛護理療程,讓毛囊及頭髮保持強壯和健康。

除了頭皮與頭髮的水療外,Zeva Hair Spa擁有經驗豐富的髮型師團隊和無可挑剔的技術,爲顧客量身打造精緻的美髮,體驗最新的潮流風格。

Zeva Hair Spa位於銅鑼灣中心地段,室内採用現代禪意的設計風格。我們為每位顧客提供獨立的貴賓室,讓每位顧客在舒適的環境和寧靜的氛圍下體驗療程。我們致力於為顧客提供最高級的服務,讓顧客重拾健康秀髮。

Our Team 團隊

Brenda Leung, MBS(HKU), BA(CUHK), Certified Trichologist (IAT)
Brenda is the founder of Zeva Hair Spa. A certified trichologist, she set off on a quest to learn more about hair and scalp care after a battle with breast cancer that led to her hair thinning problems. Throughout her journey, she met trichology experts around the world and was inspired by their rich knowledge of the latest hair and scalp care technology.  

Brenda has made a commitment to share and bring the newest,cutting-edge technology and expertise to her home city of Hong Kong. She established Zeva Hair Spa with this vision in 2017.

Brenda puts know-how and science at the forefront of her hair care. She stays ahead of the curve with the latest scalp care technology trends. With a wide network of top-notch hair care practitioners, she learns from some of the best in the world, regularly attends industry conferences, and keeps herself updated with the field’s newest research. She is a member of the International Association of Trichologists (IAT).  

Brenda Leung 是Zeva Hair Spa的創辦人,是一位受認證的頭皮治療師。Brenda經歷過頭髮稀疏的困擾,促使她踏上研究頭髮和頭皮護理之路。在學習過程中,她結識了世界各地的髮理學專家、醫生和研究員,交流最新頭皮護理技術的科研資訊,並深深受到他們豐富知識和熱誠所啟發,使她萌生念頭把最先進的技術和專業知識分享並帶回香港。帶著這個願景,她於2017 年成立了Zeva Hair Spa。 

Brenda相信科學,她所採用的頭髮護理療程全部都建基於科學和知識。髮理學的研究一日千里,Brenda不停學習,與時並進,希望把最先進有效的技術和客人分享,在護理技術趨勢中保持領先地位。她擁有廣泛的世界優秀髮理學從業員網絡,並不時與他們交流,從中不斷學習及更新護髮資訊。Brenda是國際髮理學協會(IAT) 的成員,定期參加由頂級頭皮治療專家主持的研討會,隨時了解止脫生髮領域的最新研究。
Annie Ma, Qualified Nutritionist, B.Sc (Nutritional Science, UBC Canada),
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (ANMCB)

Annie is a qualified nutritionist. She graduated in Nutritional Sciences from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She is also a holistic health practitioner certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. She is passionate about health and nutrition and has been working in the field for 17 years. She emphasizes on food quality, detoxification and balanced body-mind.

認可營養師Annie Ma, 提供由內至外的調理方法。Annie是私人執業營養師。畢業於加拿大卑詩省大學,取得營養科學學士學位。她亦是美國自然醫學認證委員會認證身心整全健康師。Annie熱愛營養,從事營養行 業17年,非常重視食物品質,身體排毒,心靈健康。