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Services 01

Hair Regeneration
1 hr 15 min
A tailored scalp treatment to deeply cleanse and detox your scalp and rejuvenate your hair follicles to restore scalp health for optimal hair growth.
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Services 02

1927-nm LaseMD
1 hr
Can reach the epidermis and mid dermis 1927nm, Induce proliferation/differentiation of progenitor cells in follicular units, Assist deeper penetration and retention of serums, Increase the expression of growth factors and signaling molecules, Improve perifollicular environmental factors, Follicular structures are well preserved leaving no skin scarring, Improve vascular components.
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Services 03

Oxyjet Therapy
1 hr 15 min
Remove excess oil, chemical build-up and debris on the scalp with a jet peel followed by a scalp mask tailored to your needs. Followed by infusing the scalp with a treatment serum and oxygen to immediately revitalize your scalp.
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Services 04

Hair and Scalp Spa
1 hr 15 min
Indulge yourself in this holistic hair and scalp spa ritual for deep scalp nourishment and hair loss prevention. The treatment starts with a detoxifying scalp mask, followed by a relaxing Ayurvedic scalp spa ritual using carefully selected essential oils and scalp products. A tailored hair mask is also used to instantly rejuvenate your hair.
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Services 05

Luxury Caviar Treatment
1 hr 15 min
The first bottle of revolutionary "LUXURY COMPLEX compound formula". It is made with the concept of top hair care products, rich in caviar extract, amino acids, hair vitamin B5, E, panthenol and other rich and high active elements.It has the magical effects of highly moisturizing, deep nourishing, anti-aging, etc. It can rebuild the structure of the hair from the inside out, giving the hair full vitality.
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Services 06

Chinese Herbal Scalp & Hair
1 hr 15 min
A tcm scalp and hair therapy to nourish and revitalize hair follicles with precious Chinese herbs including angelica, shouwo and ginseng.
containing precious chinese herbs, this herbal color formulation offers a natural, healthy and effective coloring solutions for grey hair.
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Our bespoke hair and scalp treatments harness non-toxic, non-invasive ingredients.

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Eunis Chan, Model
作為模特兒,從頭到腳的護理都也非常注重,頭髮更需要特別呵護,經常轉換不同造型及燙染頭髮,令頭髮和頭皮受損,要好好保護髮絲和頭皮我會定期到ZEVA HAIR SPA做頭皮護理,令我既頭髮和頭皮得到健康強韌,鏡頭前後都充滿自信!
我因為額角位置無咩頭髮,亦曾因壓力脫髮,所以紋左髮線。多謝 @zevahairspa 讓我體驗國際頭皮治療師協會(IAT)認證專業頭皮治療師主理兼度身設計的頭皮護理,感覺好relax,頭髮亦變得乾爽豐盈!我做左一PlasmaPro等離子活髪療程 ,本來無咩頭髮/得少少bb毛嘅位置, 依家勁多長毛! 過程舒服,地方又靚,頭皮護理師又專業!
Oscar, Professional Dancer
身為一個舞蹈員,演出期間經常要使用不同的造型產品,長期積累在頭皮令毛孔阻塞,最近甚至發現脫髮問題。經朋友介紹來到ZEVA Hair Spa,經Brenda診斷後建議我試做LaseMD水注激光育髮療程,完成數次後已經減少了脫髮,而且開始有新髮生長,令我十分滿意!
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