Hair Tips

Tips for healthy hair and scalp by Certified Trichologist (IAT)

How do you detect hair loss at an early stage at home?

The average person loses between 40-120 strands a day. Know your normal amount of hair loss a day and use it as a base line to detect any abnormal hair loss. If you normally lose 40 strands a day and you are suddenly shedding more, you might be starting to have hair loss problems. Also, you can do a pull test. By pulling about 60 strands, you should notice less than 10 strands coming off. Anything more than that may indicate a hair loss problem. These two simple home care methods can tell early signs of hair loss before you see any thinning at your parting or crown or any receding hairline.


What are the common causes of hair loss?

The most common hair loss in men is the genetic condition called androgenic alopecia that can start as early as early 20s. It is becoming more common in young people now because of diet, stress, medications and excessive use of styling products e.g. perms and dye. The most common causes for female pattern hair loss are hormonal imbalances, anemia, diet, stress and aging.


Can hair loss be treated?

As trichologist Dr David Kingsley says, “In almost all cases (hair loss), you can get improvement, even if it’s just stopping hair loss… And about 80% of the time, regrowth is a possibility.” With the rapid advancement in technology, there are now more safe and effective treatment options to minimize hair loss and boost hair growth e.g. supplements, scalp and hair treatments, LLLT, laser therapy, micro-needling, mesotherapy, some FDA approved treatments and Regenera Activa. Hair transplants are another option if you your hair loss is concentrated in specific areas.

正如毛髮專家DrDavid Kingsley所說:「幾乎所有的脫髮問題都能被改善,甚至是制止脫髮。80%的情況下,頭髮會重新生長。」隨著技術迅速發展,有更多安全而有效的方案可以選擇,專門解決脫髮問題和促進頭髮再生。例如補充劑、頭皮及頭髮護理療程、LLLT、激光治療、微針,以及一些食品及藥物管理局(FDA)認證的療程和Regenera Activa 細胞再生技術。如果你的脫髮問題集中在特定區域,頭髮移植也是一種解決方案。

Can clogged follicles cause hair loss?

Dead skin, sweat, oil, dirt and chemical irritation can clog hair follicles. If untreated, these can lead to inflammation and infection causing folliculitis. Folliculitis can be treated with medications, antibacterial topical products and for stubborn cases laser treatments. If left untreated, folliculitis can lead to permanent damage of the follicles resulting in scarring hair loss.


What are the patterns of hair loss?

Male pattern hair loss often occurs on the crown and as receding hairlines. However, female pattern hair loss does not normally present as patches of baldness but rather a general diffuse hair thinning.


What are the causes of alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata presents as bald spots on the scalp and it is an auto-immune condition. The causes are complicated. Heredity may be a factor and it is usually triggered by stress, or sometimes chemical or physical irritations on the scalp. In most cases if the underlying cause is solved, the AA will correct itself. However, in some cases AA may trigger androgenic alopecia.

斑秃(Alopecia Areata) ,俗稱鬼剃頭,是一種自身免疫的疾病,其特征在於頭皮上出現禿斑。導致斑禿的原因很複雜,遺傳可能是其中一種因素,亦可能由於壓力過大、化學物質或物理刺激頭皮而引發斑禿。在大多數情況下,若解決潛在的原因,AA會自我修復。但在某些情況下,AA可能會引發雄激素脫髮。