Oscar, Professional Dancer
身為一個舞蹈員,演出期間經常要使用不同的造型產品,長期積累在頭皮令毛孔阻塞,最近甚至發現脫髮問題。經朋友介紹來到ZEVA Hair Spa,經Brenda診斷後建議我試做LaseMD水注激光育髮療程,完成數次後已經減少了脫髮,而且開始有新髮生長,令我十分滿意!
Julie, Mother
I have natural curly hair and it is very hard to manage. The bhave XT treatment smoothes out the frizzes and my hair looks healthy and bouncy now. I wash my hair every day and it is very easy to style now.‍
Eunis Chan, Model
作為模特兒,從頭到腳的護理都也非常注重,頭髮更需要特別呵護,經常轉換不同造型及燙染頭髮,令頭髮和頭皮受損,要好好保護髮絲和頭皮我會定期到ZEVA HAIR SPA做頭皮護理,令我既頭髮和頭皮得到健康強韌,鏡頭前後都充滿自信!
Stephanie Shum, Teacher and a mother of twins
As a mother of two with a busy life, my priority is my family, but I make sure to take good care of myself. Zeva Hair Spa gives me an awesome experience and focuses on my hair's health. Ever since I did the Bhave XT Keratin Treatment, it makes my life easier and saves my time to straighten it. My hair has become effortlessly silky smooth and"frizz-free". THANK YOU
Ula, Model
My hair needs to work extra hard as I always stand long days on shoots and restyles. My regular hair spa treatments at Zeva nourish my hair from the roots and keep my hair healthy and shiny.