Spa review: Combat hair loss at this sleek new hair spa in Causeway Bay

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November 2, 2021
Brenda Leung

Spa review: Combat hair loss at this sleek new hair spa in Causeway Bay

LESLIE YEH Editor in Chief

Beauty & Grooming 13 Feb 2019 05:30 PM

A good head of hair can do wonders for looking and feeling your best, but in Hong Kong’s hot and humid environment, it’s not easy to always maintain smooth and shiny locks. And for those who may be slightly past those youthful years, where it seems like every day is a good hair day, it’s natural to have to contend with issues such as hair loss and thinning — whether due to stress, diet, age or genetics.

Luckily, there’s a new salon in town dedicated to maintaining your glamourous head of hair: Zeva Hair Spa, recently landed in Lee Garden 6 in Causeway Bay.

Run by an expert team of hair and scalp specialists, Zeva embraces the latest cutting-edge technologies of trichology (the branch of dermatology related to the hair and scalp) to produce a range of hair treatments — ranging from milder, general treatments to intensive, focused care — designed to give you fuller, shinier and healthier hair. The specialists here have trained in top laboratories and hair clinics around the world, and are well dialled in to the latest hair trends and studies, as well as being a part of the International Association of Trichology. With this in mind, I headed over to trial one of their hair treatments and address some personal scalp concerns.

Zeva Hair Spa is the latest hair spa and salon to land in Causeway Bay.

Inspired by Korean hair salons (they often bring in Korean star stylists for demos), it’s clear upon stepping into Zeva Hair Spa that they’ve put a lot of thought into delivering the comfort and luxury synonymous with a world-class salon. For busy office workers in Hong Kong, visiting a salon is as much about the experience as it is about the fresh new ‘do you exit with — a slice of serenity in the midst of a jam-packed day. I, for one, love the couple hours to unwind, enjoy a glass of champagne, an indulgent head massage, and the rare chance to flip through a magazine. While hair and scalp treatments may conjure up a more clinical approach — a much less attractive proposition than spending a day getting your hair blown out — Zeva Hair pays close attention to providing all their customers with the same creature comforts, whether they’re in for a cut and colouring or for a scalp treatment.

Natural woods, leafy green accents and plush Korean brand sofa chairs create a zen-like atmosphere.

The zen-like space feels like a tranquil oasis world’s away from the urban city centre, with interiors designed by Chile-based designer, Hernan Zanghellini. He’s employed a mix of smooth marble counters, bright natural wood flooring and mahogany wood walls to seduce customers into an instant state of relaxation, punctuated by lots of leafy greens, from potted plants on the windowsill to the big plants dotted around the lobby. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, with plenty of natural light filtering in through the large window panes. Instead of a common area, guests are treated in one of seven individual rooms for extra comfort and privacy. Double rooms are also available, ideal for mother-daughter spa sessions or a visit with friends. The natural tones are punctuated by gold accents and state-of-the-art tools, and a clear minimalist vibe with little clutter save for a bracket of magazines in the lobby.

After signing a consultation form, I was ushered into one of the private rooms to take a seat in one of the comfy adjustable chairs brought over from Korea. After mentioning to my therapist Misa that I had recently noticed some thinning around the front part of my scalp and hairline, she proceeded to use a hand-held trichoscopy device to get a magnified view of the hair follicles on my head, in order to scan for any signs of scalp disease, assess for dryness, determine the density of hair follicles, and so on. The magnified image of your scalp is projected directly on the screen, and while it can be a bit alarming to see your hair follicles up close, my specialist assured me that in fact my scalp appeared to be in good condition and there were no obvious signs of hair weakness or thinning — though a routine deep cleansing would be beneficial. She also pointed out some flaky patches of skin that indicated either excessive build-up from not washing my shampoo out completely, or from using the more aggressive, commercial brands. (She highly recommended that I switch to a milder, organic shampoo for less block-up, dull hair and breakage.)

A relaxing shampoo room is complete with comfy reclining chairs and a star-studded ceiling.

The next step was the deep scalp cleansing, where Misa applied a cleaning solution to my roots — working in sections like you would during a colouring treatment — which was then left under a heat cap for about 15-20 minutes to soak in. During the scalp detoxing, cleansing ingredients are meant to draw out the dirt and build-up in the scalp, thus restoring shine and vibrancy — think of it like a scalp purification process. Afterwards, I was led into the shampoo room, a dimly lit room lit with a canopy of “stars” on the ceiling. While I wished the neck and shoulder massage went on for a bit longer than the few minutes spared, the combination of the starry ceiling and relaxing strokes of the specialist were enough to lull me into a near-slumber before I was whisked back to the private room and offered some tea and a magazine.

After this came a detox scalp scaling, where the roots were kneaded and stimulated, helping to stimulate the hair follicles, before a growth factor serum infusion was applied all over the scalp. Finally, it was time for the microneedling — a process where a derma-roller device stuck with tiny needles is rolled along affected parts of the scalp to create ‘micro injuries’, which in turn stimulates growth factors and stem cells and ultimately strengthens the hair follicles. It sounds painful, but in fact feels simply like a very thin-bristled hair brush being swept against your scalp. It’s mildly discomforting, yes, but bearable for the 5-10 minutes or so — although I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself at home (leave it to the professionals).

The whole treatment lasted close to two hours; during the process, my therapist was extremely professional and efficient, and helpful in answering the many questions I had about which shampoo brand to use, how often to come in for scalp treatments (recommended 1-2x per month), and which way to style my hair so as not to stress the hair follicles (hair down is always better than up). I left with my head feeling refreshed, clean and less oily, though with these type of treatments, it’s all about long-term hair care: you’ll need to book in multiple sessions to really see the results come in.

Step into Zeva Hair Spa’s sleek, state-of-the-art salon.

All in all, I appreciated the state-of-the-art, sleek aesthetic of the salon, while the expertise of the therapists, investment in state-of-the-art equipment and dedication to using only natural, chemical-free products all left me feeling like I was in very good hands. Whether it’s for preventative measures or for those already dealing with noticeable hair loss issues, a routine hair scalp and detoxifying treatment is instrumental for maintaining healthy hair. Monthly sessions don’t come cheap, but if you’re looking to give your scalp some love, the cutting-edge treatments from Zeva Hair are worth the investment. You may not leave with the instant gratification of gorgeous tumbling locks, but knowing that the roots of your hair have been thoroughly treated and cared for are enough to give you the same post-salon high.

Zeva Hair Spa, 302, Lee Garden 6, 111 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2146 3118

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